#TeachersWrite Day 1: I Wonder…

“Today, I’m inviting you to wonder. Because that’s where authentic writing starts – at least for me. ” Kate Messner

I let my mind wander today.  I spent time daydreaming about things that fascinate me, the things that scare me, the things that are important to me. I created a list of things that I wonder. The 2 items I highlighted I would like explore a little more in the days and weeks to come.

Things that fascinate me..

  • I wonder if zoos are really becoming a better place for animals to stay, or are they better off in the wild?
  • I wonder if our hearts are open to God’s plan for us here in NC
  • I wonder how moving affects people.
  • I wonder how people walk the fine line of balancing life.
  • I wonder about the water under the Cooper River Bridge and how safe if is for swimming.

Things that scare me…

  • I wonder why sharks are attacking more this year.
  • I wonder how the shark attack survivors feel.

Things that are important to me…

  • I wonder where I will put all of this “STUFF” I have to unpack from this move.
  • I wonder how our children will fair as adults.
  • I wonder what touches the hearts of students most in the classroom.
  • I wonder what family time means to different people.
  • I wonder…

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