#TeachersWrite Day 2: Character development through PEOPLE WATCHING

Here’s Phil’s prompt for today…

A gentlemen, maybe in his 50’s, wearing very cleanly pressed jeans and a purple collared polo kissed a family (husband, wife, and daughter?) before walking away from their dodge truck.
Under the great oak tree this gray haired man, a grandfather leaving his family, stood alone
waiting for the Bus to Wilson, NC
As we scrunched, Warren and I, in the grey ghost
(the pet name given to the family Buick which is more of a champagne color)
with Granny Ruth, granddaddy, and Doug- being dropped off by our family too.
Only difference, our family stayed and talked until the bus pulled up and the grandfather was dropped, kissed, and Alone.
We boarded the bus after putting our suitcases below.
No one was on the bus. We were the first passengers of the day – wide open spaces. Yeah!!!
We still chose to sit together –
Warren and I  –
Mother and son-
6 or 7 passengers boarded with us
They sat independently as they entered
Traveling alone
Before the last boarding a younger gentlemen,
in his teens,
sporting wrinkled jeans and a red trimmed white tank top
spoke with a man and woman that could have been his parents,
while he took one last drag of his cigarette before the ride
Fox radio played 80’s country music
I sang along to “Elvira” and ” luckenbock Texas” as the songs roll while skimming my Facebook newsfeed.
No conversation on the bus
Books in hands
iPods in hands
Phones scrolling through images and text
All entertained by a screen
I wrap up the last page of my book
And notice a familiar face
A young girl bright brown eyed
With green liner accentuating her almond shaped eyes
Purple accented glasses frame her round face
So much more mature than 9 years ago when she was in 5th grade.
We share stories about the time we have missed to catch up.
She is traveling alone to see her boyfriend.
She is choosing to miss the family reunion held each summer at Edisto.
Her mother and her mother’s sisters get together every summer for 2 weeks. Husbands and extended family invited but Josie chose to only attend a weekend, and her dad is working.  How important are reunions?
Enjoying the conversation, the only conversation on the bus of 18 single passengers with the exception of Warren and I, the driver announces our arrival in Wilson.
Wilson train station is packed with young and old filling seats to wait for the 2:30 train.
A dad and daughter talk about their trip and how they should do this every summer.  He wearily agrees.  He does not look to have the energy of the daughter.
A couple of Church friends talk about their trip to hear a young girl sing.
Mostly, passengers for the train are traveling alone. Wonder where everyone is going?
Some young and decked out in the jeans and label shirts popular today, others dressed comfortably for the ride, still others in dresses and suits.  Traveling I presume for many different reasons to many different places.  Will family be on the other end?

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