#TeachersWrite: Prompts to Use with My Students

  • I WONDER...Spend some time daydreaming. Think about the things that fascinate you, the things that scare you, the things that are important to you. Make a list of things you wonder. And choose one or two of those that you’d like to explore a little more in the days and weeks to come.
  • Find a fresh place to write. PEOPLE WATCH. Create characters or character traits based on those you see. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the ideas develop.  This is a really great prompt to do with your kids in the first weeks of school, too. Take those notebooks and pens out of the classroom — outside, or even just to the front hallway or cafeteria — and get them writing!
  • CHARACTER AND OBJECT… Pick one character, and one image connected with that character. Either as you rewrite an existing scene, or as you draft a new one, bring that image with you. Use it when you describe your character or when it’s time for a metaphor to reveal your character’s emotion, and hey—if all else fails, throw that object into the scene with them and see what happens.
  • WHITE PAGE DAY! Guess what, friends? Today is your white page day!  Today, you get to open a new notebook, start on a new page, a new screen, a new scrap of paper, a new sticky note. Today, that wonderful blank page is waiting for your words to fill it up with a note, a memory, a phrase, a thought, a piece of love. Your truth. Your story.How can you make that white page colorful? Meaningful? Special? What do you want to tell the world? How might the story inside you change a life if you share it?

    My task for you today, on this White Page Day, is to find a blank page and make a list of what you know about your project, and the reasons this particular one is important to you. Just start listing each little piece, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Write everything you know so far. Everything you hope for. Everything you see when you close your eyes and think about this particular story.

    As you make your list, watch how your words turn into a poem of promises to yourself. Then keep your list somewhere near, so that when your energized days start to wilt, you’ll remember the spark that got you started. Idea from Jo Knowles – http://jbknowles.livejournal.com/


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