I Came Home From School Today…

My shoulders are heavy

My back is tight

I stretch to relax and clear my mind


Still I cannot shake it

I wonder what I can do

To relieve the burden in the young heart

I have become so attached to


She put her head down on my table today

Shed a few tears

And started to say,

“I just don’t know….”


After running her hands over her pulled back hair

She continued to soothe her head

As if to make things clear

She began shaking her noggin side to side

Holding her temples and continued to sigh


“I don’t know what to do.

My mom….My dad….”


Her frail heart twists

Trying to make sense

Of that which none of us can

While her parents are trying

They are not able to comfort her now

Because of the friction between them


I can only do what I know

So it is to my Lord I must go.


Please, Dear Lord, give me the words

To comfort her at school each day

Give my presence the security

I know from my own experience

She must crave.


Please let her heart find peace

Let her lay her burdens down

Let her give you her broken heart

To wrap your arms around.



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