#TeachersWrite Day 4: VOICE

VOICE exercises with Tracey Baptistecropped-author-photo1


As the sun shines behind her, Janvi enters the room with purposeful, yet casual steps.  Her tall, skinny form is shadowed on the floor. As she steps closer, the dark blue jean fabric on her boot cut legs appears.  Her floating, colorful, silk shirt sways around her.  The rhinestones on her back pockets glimmer and catch the light making sparkles around her.  Her tennis shoes give her a 10-year old’s signature.

Janvi comes in the room with a big, broad smile.  Her glasses make her look as studious as she is.  She brings with her paper and pencil as she greets her classmates. All of the students flood around her, asking questions, and discussing ideas with her. She smiles incessantly, as she dialogues. Gracie and Lulu appear attached at the sides of Janvi, an extension of her having one voice. They support her and stand tall for all ideas they discuss.



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