#TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Scene with Object

Today’s assignment: Pick one character, and one image connected with that character. Either as you rewrite an existing scene, or as you draft a new one, bring that image with you. Use it when you describe your character or when it’s time for a metaphor to reveal your character’s emotion, and hey—if all else fails, throw that object … More #TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Scene with Object

#TeachersWrite Day 2: Character development through PEOPLE WATCHING

Here’s Phil’s prompt for today… My PEOPLE WATCHING Begins:  A gentlemen, maybe in his 50’s, wearing very cleanly pressed jeans and a purple collared polo kissed a family (husband, wife, and daughter?) before walking away from their dodge truck. Under the great oak tree this gray haired man, a grandfather leaving his family, stood alone waiting … More #TeachersWrite Day 2: Character development through PEOPLE WATCHING

#TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Sketch

Character Sketches for My Story MAIN CHARACTER –Janvi  LOOKS LIKE: long, straight black hair, shining in the sun bold brown eyes framed in laverne style eye-glasses thin, lanky body, busting to grow into a beautiful young lady sun-kissed skin HOBBIES: Dramatic voice retellings creative wrtiing HABITS: shy timid extremely smart introspective observer friendly, tries to give … More #TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Sketch

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I am creating this site to blog for Teacher’s Write this summer. It will be my writing explorations during the month of July with the Teacher’s Write direction and buddies across the nation.  Off to write…